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Autumn Seasonal Bundle

Autumn Seasonal Bundle

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All twelve lessons from the entire Autumn series! Each nature study includes a list of skills practiced, supplies needed, background information, activity, review questions, and lesson extension. Depending on the topic, some studies include additional resources like diagrams, learning cards, maps, etc. *

This bundle includes:

- Mushroom Dissection - Lesson One
- Hikin’ for Lichen - Lesson Two
- Fungi Photography - Lesson Three
- Decay on Display - Lesson Four
- Outdoor Observations - Lesson Five
- Show Me the Way - Lesson Six
- Stick It! - Lesson Seven
- Living...or Not - Lesson Eight
- Ex-deer-iment - Lesson Nine
- Feed the Birds - Lesson Ten
- Valuable Vultures - Lesson Eleven
- Glow in the Dark - Lesson Twelve

All lessons are packaged into a single PDF download.